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My Bloody Valentin’s Only Shallow

For the 20th anniversary of Loveless in November, Beliefs put out this cover of Only Shallow for a compilation in which Toronto bands covered the whole record. Hope you enjoy. (Recorded by Josh Korody)

Josh at Candle Recording Studio

Josh “recordy” Korody and I had an impromptu demoing session this afternoon. We are toying around with the idea of either releasing a seven inch or just slowly writing and recording a second album. The process is really the same… get in the studio. This is a photo of Josh with his new console at […]

Heaven + Totally Fucked Up

Old nostalgia for my old band Heaven. This is the old blog of Milo from The Big Pink. He suggests you listed to our song and watch this video at the same time. -Jesse dontdiewonderingmusic: Heaven + Totally Fucked Up “When I younger I was obsessed with Gregg Araki, Totally Fucked Up, The Doom Generation […]