Leave With You (Video) via CLASH (UK) & STEREOGUM (US)

“Leave With You” video, directed by Sean Cartwright, premieres via CLASH Magazine (UK) and STEREOGUM (US). LEAPER has been popping up on numerous end of year lists including #3 on Sound Better With Reverb‘s “SHOEGAZE AND DREAM POP ALBUMS OF 2015”. Out now and selling fast on limited green translucent vinyl — order HERE.

“Dream pop viewed through a prism of distortion… build up into an atmospheric and deeply unique world. New album ‘Leaper’ emerged at the tail end of last year, matching sumptuous sonics against some of the band’s most developing songwriting yet. ‘Leave With You’ is an apt introductory point for those new to the charms of Beliefs.” ~ CLASH (UK)

* Beliefs “Leaper” at #46 on CMJ Radio 200 in the USA for the week of Jan 11th 2016